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Benefits of Going to a Pensacola Chiropractor for Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pain and believe that the only way to relieve this pain is by taking pain pills.  People often think that back pain is the result of their job, stress, or lack of exercise, when actually there are a number of things that can cause back pain. Injuries to muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and nerves, all of which are close to the spine, can lead to back pain.

Muscle tightness, irritated nerves, ligament damage, and disc injury can all result in misaligned spinal bones. Common causes for these misaligned spinal bones are bad posture, damage from a car accident, sports injuries, and giving birth.

Pain medications which are the most common treatment for back pain only provide a temporary relief to the pain but they do nothing to actually fix the misaligned spinal bones that are most likely causing the back pain.  With the spinal bones still misaligned, there will continue to be muscle tightness and nerve compression and soreness, so the pain will still be there.

Pensacola Chiropractors are trained to help back problems by knowing how to detect and correct misaligned spinal bones. By using controlled pressure and force to correct the misaligned spinal bones, muscles will start to relax, inflammation will decrease, and normal joint range of motion will return. Also chiropractors can perform physiotherapy procedures that will help to heal injured tissues and reduce inflammation.

Forms of physiotherapy that can be used are ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, mechanical traction, and heat/ice therapy. Ultrasound delivers heat deep into the muscles to improve circulation and healing, relax muscle spasms, decrease inflammation, and help relieve pain. Electrical muscle stimulation uses mild heat to relieve stiffness and pain and to help improve range of motion. It also can be used to control acute and chronic pain. Traction stretches and mobilizes the spine to stretch muscles and ligaments which will increase space between each vertebra. Ice is usually best to use for the first 24 to 48 hours after an injury, but for pain lasting longer than 48 hours or that is non-injury related use warm moist heat followed by cold to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

Chiropractic treatment by your Pensacola Chiropractor will not only serve as a great short term way to relieve pain but will also help the nervous system to function better in the long run. The nervous system is affected when musculoskeletal components like muscles, bones, joints, and cartilage are back into place allowing the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic care will not only give relief from the pain but will also keep your spine healthy, which can fix the cause of the pain and give long term relief.

Spinal health influences every function that is affected by spinal nerves which control every organ system in the body. It can improve lung capacity, reaction time, balance, and overall well-being.

Chiropractic treatment does not simply treat the symptoms but addresses the actual cause of the pain.

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